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At its best, good therapy is

Creative Liberatory Healing Solidarity & Justice Work

You are creative but feel disconnected from your creativity. You think maybe you're more of an artist than you allow yourself to be. You stop yourself  from trying things even though you long to play and experiment. You are spiritual and want to connect with magic and the unknown in generative ways. Rather than being paralyzed by a shitty cocktail of shame, fear and self-doubt, you’d like to feel like you could courageously step into the unknown—like The Fool in Tarot, full of childlike wonder and excitement. Alas…shit cocktail.

You are 
a big thinker and feeler. You know a lot about yourself and your healing, but you can feel stuck. You struggle, we all do.  The stress and distress of life has you wanting change. You want to work towards creating the life you want. You have a sense that there’s another version of you and life where you could live from your heart and purpose. But how do you get there?!?

I can help. Reach out today to set up a free discovery call to see if we are a good fit. Learn more about me and what I do. I look forward to connecting with you!

Before starting to work with me, folx can feel a bit wary – Therapy is where you go to talk about what’s wrong with you, right?  Many people have had experiences with therapy that have felt more hurtful than helpful. We can start to think that maybe healing is available to everyone else, but ourselves because… #shitcocktail. We want to be vulnerable and do our work, but we can get a bit frozen and scared that real change is out of reach. It's not. 


Like the people who work with me, you deserve to connect to your passions and creativity and feel resilient enough to take the leaps you dream of taking. Deep healing and embodied liberation is not out of your reach. If you want to live from love, rather than fear, and start orienting to your life from curiosity and possibility I’d love to help you get there.


Reach out now. You don’t have to be in the struggle alone. I can help.

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