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Community Care Fund

Not everyone can afford therapy, even though good accessible care for our well-being should be a human right for all. Living in late-stage cis-heteropatriarchal capitalism and continued toxic whiteness has profound negative effects on all beings, most of all people who are disenfranchised financially – the overwhelming majority of whom are QTBIPOC and/or disabled. Donate to The Community Care Fund by paying the Community Care Rate for our work together or making a donation anytime using the link below. All proceeds go to financially supporting access to helping work  for people in our community who could use our support. Recipients of The Community Care Fund may use funds to see the practitioner of their choice. They may choose to see me, but that is up to the individual. This fund was not created to subsidize work with me, though it may be used in that way. Anyone may inquire about the funds and may use them for the provider that best suits their needs, no questions asked. For more information, contact me. Thank you for your generosity. 

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