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Why I don't work with insurance companies...


Community Care Fund

Not everyone can afford therapy, even though good accessible care for our well-being should be a human right for all. Living in late-stage capitalist cis-heteropatriarchal capitalism and continued toxic whiteness has profound negative effects on all beings, most of all people who are disenfranchised financially – the overwhelming majority of whom are QTBIPOC and/or disabled.


If you find yourself in a position of financial privilege, please consider donating  to my Community Care Fund through one-time or monthly donations, or by paying the community care rate for your work with me. 100% of the funds go to support people who need help paying for therapy.


The Community Care Fund is not intended for use in work with me, though it may be if the recipient so chooses. Recipients of the Community Care Fund may use these monies to work with the practitioner of their choosing.


Donate today. And thank you for your support!


Heading 4

Commuity Care Fund

I aspire to do liberatory justice-doing work that stands against the Medical-Industrial Complex and pathologizing discourses.

My lived experience shows me that both are obstacles to truly revolutionary/transformational lasting change. I feel like I could only go so far in this practice while working with insurance companies.

It’s very important to me that my work be accessible. However, I am no longer comfortable with that access being created by insurance companies on the backs of therapists.


Insurance companies, in addition to only covering services for "Disorders" (the equivalent of only covering throat cancer but not strep throat), endeavor to pay as little as possible. Many refuse coverage for anything but individual sessions; and even those are in danger of being compacted into shorter timeframes in order for insurance companies to save money.


State funded insurance requires one of the most stringent levels of pathologizing and surveillance. I do not want to continue contributing to a system so misaligned with my values and purpose.  I am working to build structures that create access while also valuing my experience, education, skills, and wisdom.

I am by far not the only therapist in town! I have created an extensive referrals list to help connect you with another practitioner or other helpers for the the next leg of your journey if you are unable to work with me. There are so many skilled, deeply caring therapists in the Twin Cities. I trust you will find good help! Sending warmth and care to you in this process.

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